Montre connectée pour téléphone Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Iphone, Android, IOS, Android, 2022, étanche, Bluetooth, appel, pour hommes et femmes


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  • Bl Le-Bl Me
  • Bl Me
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  • Bl Si- Bl Le
  • Bl Si-Bl Le-Bl Me
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UGS : 1005004004977163 Catégorie :


  • Nom de marque: TIMEWOLF
  • Mécanisme: Pas de
  • Origine: CN (Origine)
  • Carte SIM Disponible: Pas de
  • Système: Aucun
  • GPS: Pas de
  • Type: Au poignet
  • Compatibilité: Tous compatibles
  • ROM: <128 MB
  • Fonction: Passometer
  • Fonction: Tracker de fitness
  • Fonction: Tracker de sommeil
  • Fonction: Rappel de message
  • Fonction: Rappel d’appel
  • Fonction: Répondre à l’appel
  • Fonction: Composer un numéro
  • Fonction: Réveil
  • Fonction: Moniteur de fréquence cardiaque
  • Fonction: Musique interactive
  • Caméra Arrière: Aucun
  • Langue: english
  • Langue: Russe
  • Langue: Spanish
  • Langue: POLISH
  • Langue: Portugais
  • Langue: Turkish
  • Langue: Italien
  • Langue: French
  • Langue: Japanese
  • Langue: Néerlandais
  • Langue: Arabe
  • RAM: <128 MB
  • Grade Étanche: Durée de vie imperméable à l’eau
  • Cadrans Multiples: Oui
  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: FCC
  • Certification: ROHS
  • Capacité de Batterie: 220-300 mAh
  • Mode Réseau: Aucun
  • Modèle d'UCT: HS6621D
  • Style: SPORT
  • Type de mouvement: Électronique
  • Forme de l’écran: ROUND
  • Résolution: 240*240
  • Téléchargement de l'APP disponible: Pas de
  • Matériau de Boîte: Alliage
  • Fabricant d'UCT: qualcomm
  • Taille D'écran: 1.28inch
  • Matériel de bande: Cuir
  • Groupe d’âge d’application: Adult
  • Batterie détachable: Oui
  • Bande détachable: Oui
  • Feature 1: Smart Watch Men
  • Feature 2: Smart watch
  • Feature 3: Smart watch 2022
  • Feature 4: Smart watch Android
  • Feature 5: Smart watch Bluetooth Call
  • Feature 6: Smart watch Waterproof
  • Feature 7: Smartwatch
  • Feature 8: Smartwatch Men
  • Feature 9: Smartwatch Women
  • Feature 10: Smartwatch 2022

For Phone Xiaomi Huawei Samsung Iphone Android IOS Smart Watch Android Men 2022 Waterproof Bluetooth Call Smartwatch Men Women

After receive the watch ,please charging first.Because after a long period of logistics, the watch has a low battery.Before using, scan the QR code on the manual to download the app and connect it to the watch with APP.

Smart Watch

call and music playback

A valriety of dials for good looks and fun

Watch Call, Don't miss important calls

it is no problem to use high-fidelity
waterproof speakers to directly soak water,
Whether it's housework,
or walking, running, cyling, climbing,
Push the phone to the watch in time to answer the call,
Make through your watch to free
you hands and make communication more free.


You can use the watch to call your friends' and family's
cell phones, or you can answer incoming calls for
uninterrupted conversations. It's so easy to make calls
from your watch.

Easy communication No loss of connection

Incoming call vibration alert, you can choose to answer or reject,
you can communicate anytime and anywhere with your hadnds up,
without losing connection; in addition, the watch dlso supports
synchronization of cell phone contacts and cdll records, whether
it is direct dialing, or through the adddress book a key to dial,
you can eqasily get.

From App,Download More Watch Face.

Magnetic charging strong battery life

Dual menu style honeycomb menu

Built-in 2 sets of menu styles, whether you prefer
the cloassic list menu or the novel honeycomb menu,
you can easily change it.

Music synchronizqation

Notification Center

Wear the watch to exercise

Wear it to go out and exercise, lift your hand to view the
movement track; your sports steps, calories consumed,
sports mileage information can be synchronized on the waqatch;
connected to the cell phone APP, you can dlso view the history.

Sporting Records Tracking

Record the movement trajectory, redl-time positioning is more
dssured. Check your own movement trajectory adnd check in
at any time.

Professional fitness courses

Online professional exercise courses can
be watched on the APP to help you exercise more
Science and qudality.

Intelligent heart rate monitoring

Based on high performance optical heart rate sensor,
initiating heart hedlth research, intelligent recognition of sleep,
heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and other information
Multi-parameter fusion judgment, to provide you with
more comprehensive hedalth advice.

Hourly blood pressure measurement

Remote camera

You can use this watch to take pictures with your
mobile phone remotely and you can dlso focus and take
pictures by shaking the watch.

Intimate sleep monitoring to help you sleep well all night

This watch supports night sleep monitoring function.
When you sleep, the watch will analyze your sleep status by
monitoring your deep sleep and light sleep time and various
sleep daqtaq, and put forward sleep health recommendations,
sleep easily and have a good night's dream.


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